What’s Involved

It all begins with a taster day to test the water and see if Venture Scotland is right for the young person. From there the journey begins and they progress through the four stages: Challenge, Adventure, Leadership and Community. Explore below to find out a bit more about what's involved at each stage.

  • Activity Days

    Activity days allow potential participants to get a feel for whats involved in the journey programme before fully signing up. It will usually involve a day away with staff, volunteers and other potential participants. Activity days might include exploring a local beach, helping each other abseil or heading out into the hills for a walk.

    Activity Days
  • Challenge

    The Challenge Stage immerses young people in activities that take them out of their comfort zones and familiar environments. This stage enables them to develop a range of essential skills including in developing relationships, developing plans, setting goals and working as a team. For some, this stage provides them with enough stimuli to already make significant changes to their lives. As part of this stage, young people engage in up to 60 hours of supported activities.

  • Adventure

    The Adventure Stage develops the capacity of young people to cope with change and the unexpected. The activities undertaken in this stage enable them to develop communication skills, solve problems and learn to adapt to unfamiliar situations. Young people engage in 260 contact hours.

  • Leadership

    The Leadership Stage equips young people with the skills necessary to take responsibility for making things happen in their lives and communities. This includes developing their leadership skills and responsibility, developing resilience, ability to listen and learn from others as well as working on their own initiative. Young people engage in 160 contact hours.

  • Community

    The Community Stage is a unique and crucial stage combining employability skills, training and support with long-term volunteering opportunities and is run along side the Challenge, Adventure and Leadership stages of the programme. This allows every participant to apply the practical and transferable skills they have gained in order to make real and meaningful differences to their lives and take that forward.

    Young people engage in over 170 hours of volunteering placements, work experience, CV building, interview skills and personal mentoring.


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