About our volunteer programme

Volunteers are at the heart of our programme - we literally couldn't deliver our services and support our young people without volunteers. Venture Scotland is unusual in that volunteers play such a key role in the delivery of our service. Volunteers come from a wide variety of backgrounds with many different skills to offer, but are linked by the wish to support the vision of Venture Scotland.  We have an ongoing need for more volunteers to support various aspects of our work.  Even if our advertised roles don't exactly fit your interests, please just get in touch for a chat and let us know what skills and experience you would like to share with us.

Venture Scotland volunteer Andy, who is an IT Manager says “As well as the effect on disadvantaged young people, the organisation has positive outcomes for people that volunteer to deliver the programme. After being astonished by the changes in so many young people, and realising that I was part of the reason they were learning to help themselves, I took mountain leader training and achieved qualifications that now allow me to lead expeditions across the world. I wouldn’t be working in the role I do now if I hadn’t learnt so much about people and teams from Venture Scotland – both in theory and then reinforced practically, over and over again in a sometimes stressful but mainly fun and enjoyable environment.”

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