What We Are Achieving

We recently had an independent evaluation report on the impact we are all making with the groups of young people we work with and I’d like to leave you with a quote from the conclusion of this report:

“Impact has been shown to be significant across a number of key themes, presented within this report as reducing isolation, improving mental health, strengthening relationships with family and others and reducing harmful behaviours. Perhaps the strongest indicator of impact was in terms of empowerment, with individuals offering clear evidence of having made lifestyle changes or taking control of issues which had determined their earlier lives. There was clear evidence about how the learning from various activities had been applied in practice outwith Venture Scotland.”

Here is a recent quote from our of our current participants: 

“I feel like the whole experience is going to change my life. I’ve been through so much sh*t recently – it’s made me feel like it’s worth being alive. I wanted to die two months ago.”