Ambassador Programme

Young Person's Journey

During lockdown started a new pilot project called our Ambassador Programme.

This project aims to allow young people who have graduated from our full programme and gone on to build more stable lives, the opportunity to ‘give back’. Initially this is being piloted with 5 graduates. We meet weekly on zoom to check in with each other and to look at ways they can contribute to our organisation. We have already written our ‘group contract’ and the group have ‘test run’ our virtual Challenge Stage (which they found very funny!).

In the next couple of weeks, our ambassadors will be part of the recruitment panel, interviewing and selecting potential new staff and trustees.

The group will also be attending a Board of Trustees meeting in September to experience how decisions are made at a governance level of our charity and to look at how young people’s voices can influence the strategic direction of our charity.

Through this group we will work towards our aim of putting young people at the centre of everything we do.