Programme Update

‘Challenge’ has gone Digital

After being put through its paces by a participant team, a staff team and an Ambassador team, I am delighted to announce that our Digital Challenge is ready to go live!

Freshly trialled, and tweaked we are now recruiting for young people from Edinburgh to join the Digital Challenge and solve a fiendish mystery…

We have tried to take all the tried and tested techniques from our full outdoor Challenge and refashion them for a digital delivery. This has been tricky, but our focus has remained the same; to provide young people with a positive and supportive environment, that stimulates and challenges them to step outside their comfort zones. A digital Zoom meeting room is clearly no substitute for climbing up a rock face or sharing supper around a table in a bothy in the middle of nowhere, but we have tried 

to emulate the structure of the Challenge programme by using ice breakers and team games and asking participants to get out into their local natural spaces and share a bit of  themselves. We know well that silly games and adventures help to break down barriers, encourage the sharing of experiences and begin the process of building a team. So after three weeks, we feel confident that our Young People will be ready for the Etive Bothy mystery: a three day trial where the group has to work together to complete challenges that gain them clues to the mysterious theft of an Etive heirloom…

With Oscar winning performances from staff and a whole range of individual and team challenges to choose from, it is got to be better than watching Netflix!