Ambassador Day Out at Beecraigs Country Park

Earlier this week, David and Fern joined our current Ambassadors and drum roll please…. 




… for an exciting Ambassador Day Out at Beecraigs Country Park. Firstly, it’s only right to take a moment to thank the current ambassadors who have been a part of the Venture Scotland Ambassador Programme for the last 2 years. Your dedication and commitment to the organisation has been nothing short of amazing. Your hard work and contributions have made a real difference in the lives of the young people you have worked with, both directly and indirectly. We truly appreciate all that you have done and continue to do for Venture Scotland! 


And to the two new ambassadors, Ishbel and Fraoch, we are thrilled to have you on board! We can’t wait to see the impact you will make and the new ideas you will bring to the table. We hope that your time as an ambassador will be filled with growth, learning, and meaningful experiences. Welcome to the team! 


To kick off our newly merged ambassador group, we headed off to Beecraigs Park for a day of teambuilding games, geocaching and of course, some hot chocolate. We immediately got stuck into some team games that tested our problem-solving and leadership skills, such as all trying to get over a skipping rope at the same time (they smashed it!) and figuring out who was the dance leader in Dance Detective – some very funky dance moves were on show! 

After a lovely lunch in the sunshine, we headed off into the forest for some geocaching, which is treasure hunt activity that allowed the ambassadors to explore the park and work together to solve clues and find hidden caches, some definitely harder to find than others. We all got to connect with nature and appreciate the stunning scenery around us. Plus, it was a good opportunity to work on our team skills, communication and plenty of time for laughing and chatting too.  


Throughout the day, we also had some time to share our personal experiences and insights with each other. It was really inspiring to hear about the challenges that people had overcome and the skills they had developed through their involvement with Venture Scotland both the Journey programme and Ambassador programme.  


We ended the day with a delicious hot chocolate at the visitor centre, which was a great chance to chat and celebrate our accomplishments! It was such an amazing day, and everyone left feeling energised and motivated (well I know I did!).