How to Fundraise for Venture Scotland

Hello from Venture Scotland’s fundraising team, Tricia, Katie and Sophie!

We thought that we could give you some ideas of fundraising events to help you bring friends, family or colleagues together and share your passion for #ChangingYoungLivesOutdoors! All of our work at Venture Scotland is focused on building connection and relationships between people, their community and themselves.

We know that it is one of the things that our participants mention most, is the sense of belonging that comes from being a part of the Venture Scotland Journey. Why not inject some VS magic into your fundraiser and bring people together? 

  1. Pub Quiz – or it could be a café quiz! Whatever suits the group that you would like to bring together 
  2. Distance Challenge – set a communal goal between you and your friends and run, bike or skip your way through your kilometres! 
  3. Seasonal Dress Up – a ghoulish party to celebrate hallowe’en, or maybe a Alice in Wonderland themed tea party in spring – bring your pals together and give prizes for best costumes to incentivise their participation! 
  4. Race – Sign up for, train for and complete a challenging distance for you! (Edinburgh Marathon Festival’s coming up in May and there are options for the whole family!) or there are some Santa Dashes that take place in December! 
  5. A Bake (or fake) Sale – the perfect office or end of your road fundraiser! Sell home bakes (or those lovingly bought from a shop) – you could even add a Bake Off theme and make it competitive! – and then you can donate the proceeds to Venture Scotland! 
  1. A Cumulative Challenge – 3,000 squats in a month (that’s 100 a day!), or going from 1 push-up to 30 over the course of a month! 
  2. Gig or a Dance – whether a battle of the bands or a ceilidh, a ticketed event can be a brilliant way to raise donations for your favourite charity (VS – obviously!) 
  3. Swim! – Whether you want to swim a certain number of lengths, or do a wild dook every day (especially in winter – brrrr!)  
  4. Adrenaline Challenge – always fancied a bungee jump or sky dive? All you have to do is sign up and set up your fundraising page! (Some people may need approval from their GP). 
  5. Host a Talent Show – whether at work, school or with friends we’d put money on you finding out some secret talents! 

Whatever you want to do to support young people in Scotland, we are so grateful for your effort. Supporters like you make the magic happen! 

If any of these ideas have made you want to get started, you can set up your JustGiving page for Venture Scotland here by clicking on the big blue ‘fundraise for us’ button in the top right corner of the page. Please do get in touch with us on – we would LOVE to support you with your challenge! 

Thank you all so much for your support. We literally could not be here for young people without you!