In a day and age where technology is master, step away from your desk and back to nature with Venture Scotland Corporate Wellbeing.

Drawing on concepts such as Blue Health, Green Exercise and Mountains for the Mind, Venture Scotland holds a strong belief in the benefits that hills, waterways and nature have on mental health. 

How many a times a week does your team eat lunch on the run or at their desk? How many times a week do your team step outside for a walk or fresh air?

By supporting staff with their mental wellbeing, you will see an increase in productivity  and a reduction in costs associated with employees calling in sick.

Let us help you to improve your workplace experience. Become an organisation that supports the wellbeing of employees leading to a happier, more productive workforce.

In-House Team Building

How strong is your team?

Challenge your team to work together to solve problems, overcome obstacles and learn to work as one.

Improve communication skills and create an open forum to discuss upcoming challenges.

Nature in the City

We believe in the power of the great outdoors and fresh air - but that doesn't mean you need to travel out of the city.

Let us introduce your team to some of the city's hidden walks and natural areas in a fun scavenger hunt.

Days Out with a Difference

Our Corporate Wellbeing Days are focused on the individual needs of your team and your business objectives.

Have a fun day out and solve a problem relevant to your business as a team.

First Aid Training

Whether you are looking for first aid qualifications or to give your staff an overview of CPR and what to do in an emergency...

We have the solution for you and your team.

Mental Health First Aid Training

Are you looking for a deeper understanding of mental health and wellbeing? Do you require a qualification for your work place?

Our qualifications and awareness courses have options for everyone.

First Aid & Events Services

Looking for First Aid Staff for an event?

Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

Venture Scotland are an outdoors charity who work with some of Scotland's most vulnerable young people.

Buy choosing VS Corporate Wellbeing as a supplier, you are enabling us to continue helping those who need it most. 

Any package that you buy will also pay for a days activities for some of Scotland’s most disadvantaged young people as part of a 12 month development programme designed to help them lead healthier happier lives and enter the workforce.

Our clients

Whether volunteering, taking part in team-building sessions or away days, our clients have great things to say about us!

Our time with Venture Scotland was AMAZING and so much fun – it really brought us all together despite having worked together for years!

The team learned that there can be more than one correct answer and sometimes trying and testing different ideas is better and asking opinions is better for the best outcome. I think we are a stronger team as a result and look forward to seeing how we implement new skills at our next team meeting!

The event was fun and very relaxed. It was a good way to get to know people in my office that I don’t normally speak to. 

Jo was great, she was very approachable and ensured the atmosphere was relaxed. This only helped to encourage adventurous and stupid ideas from the team when teaching us to think outside the box.

Th whole day was really worthwhile. I left feeling that my team was more united than ever before. I highly recommend it.