Volunteering with Venture Scotland

What is this obsession corporates have with gardening or painting a room for charity all about!?

Painting a room or tidying a garden, whilst generous, does nothing to benefit your team nor does it give you the opportunity to share and learn skills with the charity you are supporting.


Our specialism is team building and bringing out the unseen potential in people. What is yours? Lets spend a day together to do something really incredible!…… we promise the outcome will be anything but magnolia!

Team Building

Work together as a team to problem solve and reach objectives in a new setting.

Explore your City

To get the creative juices flowing, we will start with a team building scavenger hunt through the city's nature walks..... we are Venture Scotland after all an we are all about the benefit being outdoors brings.

Help us!

With not a single a paint brush
or spade in sight!
Help us brainstorm and tackle our biggest problem ....generating income!
What ideas do you and your team have?

Our clients

Whether volunteering, taking part in team-building sessions or away days, our clients have great things to say about us!

Our time with Venture Scotland was AMAZING and so much fun – it really brought us all together despite having worked together for years!

The team learned that there can be more than one correct answer and sometimes trying and testing different ideas is better and asking opinions is better for the best outcome. I think we are a stronger team as a result and look forward to seeing how we implement new skills at our next team meeting!

The event was fun and very relaxed. It was a good way to get to know people in my office that I don’t normally speak to. 

Jo was great, she was very approachable and ensured the atmosphere was relaxed. This only helped to encourage adventurous and stupid ideas from the team when teaching us to think outside the box.

Th whole day was really worthwhile. I left feeling that my team was more united than ever before. I highly recommend it.