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It's not about the canoes

At Venture Scotland, we aim to create a world in which people see their self-worth and have hope for the future through long-term, outdoor-based programmes in safe and welcoming environments. For more than 35 years, we’ve been here for people when they need us most.  

Our participants experience climbing, coasteering, weaselling, bothy trips, gorge walking, hill walking and canoeing – an abundance of adventure, challenge and exhilaration! 

But it’s not about the canoes… or the climbing or the coasteering. 

It’s the profound change and growth experienced by the individuals before, during and after these experiences. It’s the increase in social and self-awareness, the ability to understand their emotions and build positive relationships, the belief in the possibility of change, and the ability to get their voice heard. 

Through individual stories and data collection, we gain a clearer understanding of our impact, beyond the canoes, enabling us to continuously refine and improve our work to better support individuals who need us more than ever before.  

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VS Graduate, 2022
"I can categorically say I would not be here today without VS. From the first conversation their Outreach and Support Worker, I remember thinking she’s the kindest person I have ever met. The longer term nature of Venture Scotland allowed me to develop at my own pace, and slowly begin to open up. Bit by bit, VS gave me back my voice. VS supported me, when every other form of support had failed, which I will forever be grateful for..."
VS Graduate, 2023
“Emotional, deep, life changing, scary, strong, amazing, it’s changed my outlook on things and on my past. Each day is a blank canvas and I can control the pencil. Very exciting, nurturing, understanding, responsible, endless fun. It’s made me realise how much time I lose thinking negatively on my past. It’s made me feel more in tune with the world and nature.”
VS Graduate, 2022
“The VS experience is truly life changing - before joining I could hardly leave the house by myself but now I am able to go outside and appreciate the outdoors and nature. They have boosted my self confidence and awareness of the world, ten fold, and I know that it will keep growing the longer I stay. Joining VS was the best decision I have ever made in my life.”
VS Graduate, 2023
"The best part of the programme is having deep conversations with people, and knowing that I'm not alone..."
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