Leadership Programme

Programme Summary

Length: 12 weeks long

Residential: Two 3-day expeditions

Theme: Learn, plan and drive change


  • Experiential learning – Ability to learn from experience
  • Planning skills – The skills to plan ahead
  • Demonstrating change – Ability to make changes in your life

Leadership Structure

WEEKS 1-3 & 5-7

We will meet 2 days a week.


A half day where you set the agenda. These days can be used to learn more about subjects already covered in the life skill days, for planning the activity days or for planning your expedition.


A full activity day where you decide what you want to do! Do you need to build fitness for your expedition, practice your camp craft or brush up on your canoeing skills. Importantly, you will be planning and leading these days supported by staff and volunteers. We often do a ‘remote supervision’ day allowing your group to complete a hill walk on your own.

WEEKS 4 & 8 

3-day expedition

A chance to put all the skills you have learnt into practice! You plan and lead a practice expedition (week 4) supported by staff and a final expedition (week 8) with or without staff support. Each comprises a 3-day trip where you take the lead.

WEEKS 9 & 11

Two full days a week to plan, organise and prepare for your awards night.


You will get the chance to co-host a glittering awards night at a posh venue. You can invite your family and friends to join you in celebrating your success as we all get dressed up to celebrate with staff and volunteers. We’re often joined by local and national politicians so they can see and understand your journey through Venture Scotland.

Throughout Leadership, you will be supported by our Outreach and Support Worker to look towards your future. How are you going to take your newfound confidence and skill forward. You’ll be supported through regular 1-2-1 meetings to move forward into the next positive stage of your life.