Challenge Yourself, Discover Yourself North Lanarkshire Project

What Is the Challenge Yourself, Discover Yourself project?

The Challenge Yourself, Discover Yourself project is made up of two free, outdoor-based, health and wellbeing programmes for young people aged 16-30 in the North Lanarkshire area. This project is for young people who are looking for support to improve their mental health, make connections with others and make positive changes to their life. The project is twelve weeks long and requires a minimum 2-day commitment each week. Our next project will launch in autumn 2023.

What Will I Do On the Challenge Yourself, Discover Yourself Project?

Challenge is the first stage of the Challenge Yourself, Discover Yourself project and brings young people together to take part in new experiences, forge new connections and build trust with staff and peers.

Over 5 days, you’ll build supportive relationships, face and overcome challenges and gain a sense of belonging and community.

  • Day 1 starts with an introductory beach day
  • Day 2 is a climbing day and
  • Days 3-5 is a remote 3-day bothy trip in the Borders

Each day, you’ll be encouraged and supported to stretch your comfort zones and build a sense of community and trust. Your first bothy trip gives you the opportunity to step away from the pressures of your daily lives, experience the tranquillity of wild spaces and bond with others with similar life experiences and goals.

Discover is the second stage of the Challenge Yourself, Discover Yourself project and focuses on equipping your with the tools and strategies to understand yourself and others on a deeper level.

Over 10 weeks, regular outdoor activity days and life skill sessions focus on improving your wellbeing and understanding of emotions and behaviours and relationships and communication. These tools and skills are channelled into every outdoor activity day and give you the opportunity to practice these skills and realise your potential to thrive. A typical week of Discover looks like this:

  • Day 1 group session at a local park or green space
  • Day 2 an outdoor activity day

Discover ends with a 5-day residential to our magical bothy in the Glen Etive valley where you live with one another and focus on investing in healthy lifestyle changes such as the importance of sleep, nutritious food, routine and positive communication and teamwork. You can check out some of our outdoor activities below!

hill walking


Rock climbing


gorge walking



Team Building

Stand up Paddling

How will the Programme help me?

Everything we do at Venture Scotland is about personal development. Our project is designed to meet each young person where they are on their journey and give them the support, the tools and time they need to make positive changes to their health and wellbeing. By focusing on person-centred relationships, long term support, a safe and nurturing environment, and practical and emotional skills, our young people go on a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance and self-belief.

Here’s what some of our past participant’s have said about the Challenge Yourself, Discover Yourself project:

“It has been very powerful and it has been unexpected how powerful it has been over such a short space of time. It was been great that all staff are different and approachable. They have made us feel powerful and special and that effect is very rare. Thank you all!”

“I have terrible anxiety and haven’t been myself for a while, but the stay at the bothy has been very unique and inspiring for me.”

“Emotional, deep, life changing, scary, strong, amazing, it’s changed my outlook on things and on my past. Each day is a blank canvas and I can control the pencil. Very exciting, nurturing, understanding, responsible, endless fun. It’s made me realise how much time I lose thinking negatively on my past. It’s made me feel more in tune with the world and nature.”

To find out more about our Challenge Yourself, Discover Yourself project, get in touch with our Outreach and Support Worker, Kat at or phone or text 07496 494 697