Challenge Yourself

Programme oVERVIEW

Welcome to “Challenge Yourself,” where every adventure is an opportunity for personal growth! The next 5 days – 2 activity days and a 3-day bothy residential – are designed to help you step outside your comfort zone, build trusted relationships, give you space to have your voice heard and guide you to make positive changes in your life. 

Leading up to your first day, we will make sure you’re geared up for the journey ahead – from intro chats to goal-setting sessions and kit fittings. This means all you need to do on this first day is come along and be yourself. 

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Challenge Structure


The first day is all about getting to know each other – we’ll start the day off with breakfast rolls in the office, joined by a couple of volunteers and some of our staff team and then head off to a local beach for team building, games, understanding our comfort zones and most importantly, building a fire to cook marshmallows! 


Your second day will be an activity day, such as rock climbing. Building on everything you talked about the day before, you’ll have the chance to get outside your comfort zone, try new things and reach new heights, all whilst being supported by your peers, volunteers and the staff team.

DAYS 3 – 5 

Then it’s off on a residential trip to a bothy (shepherd’s cottage) for two nights where you’ll spend time getting to know your group, volunteers and the staff team more heading out into the hills for a hikes, taking on team building games and challenges, building on resilience and confidence, sharing lots of tasty meals and in true Venture Scotland style, lots of custard!  


You’ve done it! You’ve got outside your comfort zone, begun building trusted relationships and have made huge steps forward in making positive changes in your life Challenge Yourself” completed!  

Following the bothy trip, we’ll get back together the week after to look at the photos from the trip and chat through your experiences as a group. You’ll also have a 1-2-1 meeting with your programme leader to talk through how you found the first 5 days and your next steps.  

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