VS Development Weekend

On 31 August, volunteers, trustees and staff all met up at the Broomlee Centre in West Linton for our annual Development Weekend.  The weekend consisted of workshops, discussion groups and socials to gather your ideas and future vision for Venture Scotland. Jerome talked through the draft volunteer strategy and updated on changes affecting our bothy; Rob and Robin spoke about our personal development programme; and newbies, Claire and Tricia focussed on fundraising and the up-and-coming Big Give Christmas challenge. Huge thanks to Andrea, Andy, Angie, Chris, Duncan, Edmund, Gail, Joe, Isobel, Louise, Robin and Phil for coming along and giving us your thoughts on Venture Scotland. The proposed date for the next Development Weekend is 13-15 September 2019 at Wiston Lodge, Biggar. It would be great to see you there so please put this date in your diary! Jerome, our Practice Development Manager, organised a Volunteers Maintenance Week at our bothy in Glen Etive in September and he was lucky to have 10 volunteers to help him. A massive amount was achieved! They repaired the fire and seating in the howff; started a small extension to the howff; installed a new settlement tank, filtration system and new pipework to improve cold water supply; and fixed the plumbing from the sink. Thanks so much Michael, Steven, Paddy, Edmund, Dave, Tim, Willy, Joe, Annabel and Alan for all your hard work! Unfortunately we had to cut the week short due to the horrendous weather but we would like to also thank Lesley, Duncan, Phillip, David, Donna, Chris and Clare for offering your time.