A Shared Vision

We at Venture Scotland believe that every young adult in Scotland should have the opportunity and support to make positive changes in their lives and in their world. They should have the opportunity to develop the awareness, skills and confidence to maintain and improve their physical, mental and emotional well-being – allowing them to lead a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life. Our organisational values are here.

We are keen to collaborate with like-minded charities for the benefit of vulnerable young people across Scotland.

We can bring a wealth of experience to any partnership including:

  • Staff team – All are fully qualified outdoor instructors and trauma-trained youth workers. They are committed, caring and passionate about helping young people change their lives.
  • Equipment and minibuses – Both our delivery centres in Edinburgh and Glasgow have all the equipment required to deliver a variety of outdoor activities safely such as canoeing, rock climbing, coasteering, weasiling and gorge walking.


By choosing to partner with Venture Scotland, we can not only deliver outdoor activities but also lead or support with:

  • Outreach
  • Fundraising
  • Evaluation
  • Communication

Case Study - Esteem Team Glasgow & Venture Scotland

In 2021, the Esteem Team Glasgow received funding from a NHS trust and asked Venture Scotland to deliver 3x team building activity days to a group of YP, who have experienced psychotic episodes, before they embarked on a yacht voyage together. Everyone was encouraged to take part, socialise and work together even though it might have been outwith their comfort zones.
After the sessions, staff asked the YP to reflect on their time with VS and they said:
Very fun and helps to motivate you to enjoy and appreciate life and the outdoors. Great team of people, helpful and understanding. The physical activities were truly amazing. Hadn’t felt happy like I did in years.
They help me and good team work. I didn’t feel left out because I am hard of hearing
Analysis of their feedback is as follows:
  • 82% said they developed “Very Good” teamwork skills
  • 78% said they developed “Very Good” or “Excellent” ability to solve problems as a team
  • Everyone Agreed or Strongly Agreed that – “My mental/emotional health is better” and “I have gained confidence/self-esteem”
  • Everyone Agreed or Strongly Agreed that “I feel less isolated since participating in the VS programme”
  • 12/13 rated the course 5/5

Esteem staff said “All 3 days were different which kept everyone’s interest. The focus was on building confidence, teamwork and communications which it definitely delivered.”

Case Study - Elevate-Glasgow, Move On & Venture Scotland

During 2021, Elevate-Glasgow, Theatre Nemo, The Village Storytelling Centre, Venture Scotland and Move On worked together to deliver a 6 week personal development course for people in recovery from addiction. Each partner delivered different sessions to develop their communication, self-confidence and life skills, supporting the individuals to progress on their path to employment.

This project was a huge success with some of the participants reflecting:

If I wasn’t on this course I would have just sat in my flat, doing nothing. It’s got me back out doing things I love and every bit of it was brilliant. I just wish we had longer

It’s given me enthusiasm again. It’s not about – will I won’t I, it’s I can, and I will. I want to take those leaps of faith again

Believing in myself more and being able to trust myself, my mental health isn’t going to stop me

As adults we often forget to be childlike and have fun, when really it’s about enthusiasm, fun, happiness and believing in yourself again

Get in Touch

If you think that our charities have a shared vision and you are keen to know how we can work together, please contact us by emailing and we will arrange a chat with you.