Margi’s 100lb challenge

Margi works for Saffery Champness and has set herself a challenge to loose 100 lbs and raise money for Venture Scotland. Here is her story…

Hi I’m Margi, and I’m really overweight. A weird way to introduce yourself really,  but it’s true. This year I decided things have to change.  But how? Over the years I’ve tried all the diets, crazy, fast, long term…. but motivation wanes and I never finish the challenge.

We select a charity every year at work,  and when David came to talk to us about Venture Scotland’s work it really sparked my interest. Such a simple concept,  but life changing in so many ways. The team at work quickly organised a 26 mile walk,  but at 20 stone, frankly my managing that was about as likely as me floating away.  😉 Gradually a plan formed…. if I was upfront,  and asked people to sponsor me that might be the best way of losing weight…. I’d be completely accountable publicly, and it’d be a great fundraiser.  I’m pretty thrawn, so if I tell folk I’m going to do something, it’s much more likely!!!! And so the #100challenge was born. 

So 1st Jan 2020 I was 285 lb and told the world, while vowing I was going to lose 100 of those pounds. I set up sponsorship pages for three causes which are close to my heart,  including VS, and got going. 

We’re just past month 4 and I’ve lost 33 lbs so far. Lockdown has made this more challenging,  as it’s not handy working by the fridge, but I’m still grinding on.   It’s been really interesting to see folks reaction,  people literally stop me in the street in the village to ask how it’s going (2 meters away of course!) and that’s a huge motivation. 

Initially I wasn’t keen for VS to share this on their facebook – perhaps I was a bit embarrassed,  who knows -but as time progresses I want to get this out there in the hope of inspiring others to support VS in any way possible… whether that’s sponsoring me, or any support.  Their work is so vital,  now more than ever,  and every little helps. 

So if you want to follow my journey on my beautiful hand drawn chart, please do join me on facebook. I update it on the last Saturday of the month.  And if you can spare a £1, thank you, and I’ll try and lose one in exchange. Any sponsorship, however small, would be amazing, and that’s what keeps me going. 

100 thank yous x

If you’d like to support Margi with her challenge – and help Venture Scotland at the same time! – please donate to her fundraising page here: