Black Lives Matter

At Venture Scotland, we seek to empower, educate, inspire and challenge the young people we work with, the volunteers who support us and the staff who work for us.

The Black Lives Matter Movement has challenged us to stop and reflect if we, as an organisation, are doing enough to address inequity and challenge prejudice, racism and injustice in society.

What we will do?

We commit to a diversity audit that will look at all areas of our organisation from programme delivery to board room.

We will complete an annual diversity audit.

From this diversity audit, we will derive a strategy that will steer our organisation towards a future where we are as diverse as the communities we serve.

We will commit to any necessary training and education of our staff and volunteers in issues affecting and contributing to inequity.

We will identify and understand the barriers that some young people, potential volunteers and staff may feel prevents them in engaging with our organisation and we will work with the communities we serve to overcome these barriers.

We will evaluate the success of this work in our annual review.