Autumnal leaves and windfalls

Cheery-bye Sarah

We bid Sarah, our Edinburgh based Outdoor Programme Leader, a fond farewell as she leaves us to explore greener climes studying Plantmanship and Horticulture at Scotland’s Rural University College. Sarah has steered the Edinburgh programme through many an up and down and has delivered an abundance of high quality outdoor adventures, lively conversations and in depth chats and support for our young people both in person and then online once the Coronavirus enveloped us all. We wish her the best of luck, but we have every confidence that the plants that she will learn about and cultivate, will thrive under her sunny disposition and expertise. 

Hey there Sophia

We are delighted to welcome Sophia to the team as our brand-new Outreach and Support Worker. Sophia’s recruitment is a milestone for Venture Scotland as it represents a real step forward in our ability to connect to more young people and support their growth throughout the programme. Sophia is a great addition to the team, and we are all excited to be working with her. 

Hello again Mo

Our third and final bit of programme news is the welcoming back of Mo, who replaces Sarah as our Edinburgh Programme Leader later this month. Mo has worked for Venture Scotland before as an Outdoor Programme Leader, so she knows us well and we are flattered that she wants to work with us again! A shortened induction is of course a benefit but having Mo’s talent and experience is the real windfall.