Can you help us pull together Venture Scotland’s history?

Venture Scotland was created over 30 years ago when a group of young people returned from Raleigh International and decided to try to help more disadvantage young people to volunteer with Raleigh….

Or at least, that is the story that has been passed down through the many different generations of Venture Scotland, through the hundreds of staff and thousands of young people and volunteers!

So how did our fantastic charity start? Who were the people who set it up? How did we get the Glen Etive bothy? Who were the first members of staff? What were the early programmes the charity delivered? Who volunteered and when? Who created our amazing logo (actually we know this now!)?

We plan to answer all these questions and many more by writing the ‘History of Venture Scotland’!

One of our amazing volunteers, Bryn Palmer has taken on the monumental task of researching, interviewing, collating and presenting the history (he might need some help along the way!) and we plan to create a massive interactive timeline covering the last 30 years. We’re even hoping volunteers, staff and young people will be able to record their journey on the timeline.

Were you part of the formation of Venture Scotland? Do you have stories from the last 30 years? Would you like to be interviewed as part of this project? Do you have old photos or printed material relating to VS?

If so, please get in touch on