Review of 2020-21

CEO Message

We think it’s fair to say that the last year has been an unprecedented year. The Covid-19 pandemic meant that all Venture Scotland’s work with young people went online from mid-March 2020. With everyone told to stay at home and only one solo outdoor activity allowed per day, we had to ‘pivot’ our delivery online to allow us to keep supporting the young people who were already engaging with us.

As things opened up again at the end of the summer, our Delivery Team managed to deliver 45 outdoor group activities while still complying with the Covid restrictions which meant using public transport or walking to venues. We unfortunately were then back in full lockdown in January until April 2021 so reverted once again to online delivery.

These circumstances have not been easy for anyone however we are in awe of our young people, as they have shown resilience and stuck with us and all the changes thrown at them. During this strangest of years Venture Scotland has supported 44 young people, with 32 of them completing a reformatted digital ‘Challenge’ plus a total of 13 moving onto a positive destination.

We have analysed our work and impact over the year and created an annual report which includes:

  • A message from our Chair

  • A message from our CEO

  • Impact from our work with our young people

  • Impact from the time given by our volunteers

  • Impact from our work with our Ambassadors

  • Information on our finances

  • Thanks to our funders and fundraisers

  • Results from our diversity survey

  • Our staff team and information on how we support them

  • Our trustees’ achievements

  • And a big thank you to all our supporters!

We would like to say a massive ‘thank you’ to everyone involved in our organsation and the work we do. Whether you are a staff member, a board member, an Ambassador, a young person, a volunteer, a supporter, a fundraiser, a retweeter, a Facebook liker or a Instagram hearter.

Thank you all.

If you didn’t receive one of these through the post or by email, please feel free to download this one: Venture Scotland Annual Report 2020-21 sml-min

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