Save Glasgow – Volunteers

Volunteer Spotlight

Today is part two in a series of Q&A’s with the people who keep our Glasgow base running – from our Outdoor Programme Leader, Chris, to our VS volunteers; Jennifer, Ewan, Louise and Fraser!

Today we’re talking all things Venture Scotland with VS volunteer Fraser Ross!

Fraser. Tell us a bit about yourself. Have you always been an outdoorsy person? What do you get up to outside of VS?

Hi I’m Fraser!

I am now retired after a career as a nurse in the NHS. That was very rewarding and great fun at times too. I have always enjoyed the outdoors in Scotland since I was a young boy living in Pollok. Camping and walking all over the country from day trips to weeks at a time.

You’ve been volunteering with Venture Scotland since 2018 – what got you involved with VS in the first place?

I started with VS in 2018, after leaving the NHS. Being able to go outdoors and support young adults at the same time sounded great fun and worthwhile.

What do you like most about volunteering with VS? What’s it like working with our Glasgow YP?

I enjoy meeting new young people and sharing outdoor experiences with them. Then getting to know more about them by just listening and having a chat.

I think the photo of me coasteering pretty much sums it up for me. I probably wouldn’t have done it without seeing the YP going first.

Venture Scotland uses the outdoors as a vehicle for improved mental health – what do the outdoors mean to you?

Being able to slow down, take stock whilst enjoying beautiful scenery.

If you could only take part in one more activity session with Venture Scotland, what activity would it be and why?

Still to do it, a bothy trip.

What’s your favourite joke?

I threw out the vacuum cleaner. 

It was just gathering dust.

If you want to help Fraser and the rest of our Glasgow team to keep #ChangingYoungLives please follow the link to our Save Glasgow campaign –