The ABCs of our Volunteers

Our volunteers are involved at all levels of what we do at Venture Scotland – from supporting staff and our Young People on activity days and residentials, to sitting on our Board and interviewing new staff. 

We could not do what we do without our volunteers and more importantly, we would not want to do what we do without them!  

Without sounding too cliché, it is hard to articulate what our wonderful volunteers bring to Venture Scotland, so I have gone back to basics – here are the ABCs of our amazing volunteers: 

ACCEPTING …of everyone, always 

BOUNDLESS …energy for all we do, even in the torrential rain! 

CARING …towards everyone they meet, in all situations 

DIVERSE …bringing so much knowledge and depth 

ENTHUSIASTIC  … at all times 

FLEXIBLE … because they know what VS is like!  

GIVING …of so much time, energy and kindness 

HARD WORKING …behind the scenes, making teas and supporting staff 

INCOMPARABLE … to anything, the absolute best! 

JOYFUL … to be around, in the hills, at the bothy, in the office 

KIND-HEARTED …always there to listen, advise and guide 

LOVED …by all! 

MEMORABLE … for years, deep-rooted into the history of Venture Scotland  

NATURAL … at what they do 

OPEN-MINDED … weaseling? Sure!  

PASSIONATE … about changing young lives 

QUICK … to say yes, to offer time, to join in 

REASSURING … whilst young people reach new heights and step-out comfort zones 

SIMPLY …the best! 

THANK YOU …endlessly and always 

UNDERSTANDING … of the challenges that young people face  

VALUABLE … to Venture Scotland, beyond words 

WELCOMING … smiles, at all times 

X … at the end of all the lovely emails 

YOU … potentially! Sign up here…  

Zzzz … when soundly sleeping in our cosy Glen Etive bothy!