Venture on to Recovery – Loch Lomond Day Trip

Our Venture on to Recovery group have packed a lot into their weekly outdoor activity days.

From walking in Glasgow’s green spaces, to wild dips in Loch Ard and an overnight bivvy, they’ve made some amazing strides and gained outdoor skills along the way!

Last week they went on an activity day to Loch Lomond. Check out our Outdoor Programme Leader, Georgios, run-down of the day.

We decided as a group we wanted to try canoeing despite a cold and wet weather forecast.

Our Edinburgh Team Leader, Mo, very kindly, travelled across from Edinburgh to support the Glasgow team, allowing us to get on to the water and experience the delights of Loch Lomond.

We travelled up to Luss and, after a safety briefing, introduction to the canoes, and a rigorous warm up from Mo, we were off on to the water! This was the first time the group had been canoeing and it was really important that everyone familiarised themselves with the canoes, learned and practiced some basic paddle skills and become comfortable maneuvering the boats on the water.

Everyone in the group thrived. Some decided a leisurely Sunday afternoon paddle was in order whilst others rose to the occasion and battered up and down the loch as fast as they could!

Team Leader, Mo showed us some skills and set up games to allow everyone to practice – which, obviously, turned in to a competition!

After the practice, we discussed going on a small journey. Everyone was super keen and so we set off to find the famous Loch Lomond ‘Wallabies’ on one of the islands. The weather was better than forecast and the clouds started to lift off the hills exposing the tops like little hats. It was incredibly atmospheric; the water was perfectly calm and looked just like a mirror.  

An hour later we arrived back at the shore, some a little more tired than others but everyone with grins as wide as their faces after a fabulous journey around the islands.

No wallabies were sighted. But we had a great day out and, once again, the good weather continues to follow this group when they’re out and about.

A special thanks to Mo for making the trip possible – not even a flat tire on the way back could wipe the smile off our faces…

Georgios, VS Outdoor Programme Leader