Making the most of your Fundraising Page

Hello from Venture Scotland’s fundraising team, Tricia, Katie and Sophie!

So, you’ve decided what you want to do. You’ve got your event booked in into the diary and you’re ready to rumble!  

Whether it’s JustGiving, Enthuse or any other giving platform the information below will make your page unique and help you to raise the most money and awareness for Venture Scotland as possible!  

First things first – personalise your page! I know there are a lot of different places to add information but I promise that it’s worth it! 

  1. Add a photo – bonus points if your photo is of you training for your challenge or supporting Venture Scotland in some other way – make it personal and help your family and friends see how important Venture Scotland are to you! Fundraising pages that have a photo tend to raise 15% more! 
  2. Add your fundraising story – what motivated you to start fundraising for Venture Scotland? Why Venture Scotland? What are you doing to raise money? And finally, how will the money that you raise help? 
  3. And keep your supporters updated – whether that’s by linking your strava app or by physically going into your page and adding a note of how you’ve been getting on – keep family and friends updated with how it’s going! 
  4. Remember that if you pop some information in and then want to change it later, you can always log back in to your account and update it as you go along 😊  

Secondly, do set yourself a fundraising target, no matter how much you set it to, those that set a target raise up to 46% more than those who don’t! So it’s definitely worth doing and it helps your supporters see where you’re trying to reach and how they can help! 

And finally, talk about it! You can share by creating a QR code for posters that you want to put up, that links directly to your fundraising page, or sharing on social media. Venture Scotland would love to talk to you about doing a blog with us so that we can shout about your challenge, and share your fundraising page, too! 

Talking about your challenge and why you chose to support us helps Venture Scotland, too. Because not only might it lead to them giving you a donation, but it means that they know more about our work – and for a small charity, you sharing how great you think we are, means the world!  

Thank You!