Our Volunteering Family Is Getting Bigger

Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Family Getting Bigger

Daniel, our Volunteer Co-ordinator, is excited to say, “We’ve got new volunteers!”

For the first time since February this year, we’ve started training a new group of volunteers to join our amazing family. After an application and a sit-down blether, we’ve got 28 new volunteers working their way through our training process, getting ready to head out on activity days and residentials with our newest groups of young people.

Personal Development is at the heart of everything we do at Venture Scotland, and no matter what your role is here, we believe in helping you to grow and learn as you work with us, so that you can be the best possible version of yourself. Once they’ve completed the initial training process and got to grips with what we do here, we’ll sit down with each of our new volunteers and work out how best to help them grow with us. That way we have the best volunteers we could hope for, and our volunteers get as much from volunteering with us as possible!

Have you ever thought about volunteering?

Are you worried that you’re not ‘outdoorsy’ enough? Or that you don’t have all the right kit, or know what to say to someone in a challenging situation?

Our volunteers aren’t just professional mountaineers or downhill mountain bikers. They are taxi drivers, pharmacists, retail staff, nurses, accountants, you name it – one of our volunteers probably does it. Our volunteers come from all over the world with countless different experiences and backgrounds. We believe in the richness of diversity, and no matter your level of experience we believe in you as a person; the skills to work with young people are what our training programme is for, but the qualities to be a good volunteer are already within you!

If that’s got you convinced, then head to the Volunteer section of our website HERE and get applying!